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Easy and Awesome paper mâché recipe


  • 1 part flour
  • 1 part water
  • 2 tbs salt (so that your project doesn't get moldy)



  1. Multiply recipe as quantity needed


  1. Before laying down your pieces of coated paper, run the paper between your two fingers multiple times to get as much excess off as possible before laying it down. You don’t want lumpy or over saturated paper. The idea is to coat the strips of paper with juuuuuust enough to make it “gluey” but not too much that it doesn’t dry well.

  2.  Think about the “movement” or lines of your project when you tear your strips of paper. I tore the newspaper the long way because I knew that I wanted to make the outside as smooth and in one long line across the top as possible. 

  3. Lay the strips of paper with the movement of the shape. Don’t just “willy nilly” place the strips of paper on, but instead follow the lines of the shape and lay them down in one sold coating (ie, don’t just place random paper here and there if you want a smooth finish). 

  4. Don’t forget to overlap your pieces by at least 1/4” with each strip. 

  5. Smooth out your paper as much as necessary when coating. Be careful not to be too rough with your touch as to tear the paper, but I ran my hands and fingers over each piece multiple times

  6. My recommendation is to only do up to 2 coatings of paper at a time before letting it fully dry. You can add as many coatings are you want total; the more layers, the more sturdy the piece! :)